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We pride ourselves on our organization being culturally responsive and trauma informed. This means we are committed to understanding the cultural background, including the sociopolitical and historical contexts of the population we serve. The tools and activities we use are ones that relate to and DIRECTLY engage the context in which our youth live.

Culturally responsive mentoring recognizes that students need to feel safe—socially, emotionally and intellectually—in order to engage in rigorous learning and understanding

We serve gang connected youth through one-on-one mentorship, counseling, group activities, and resources. The Big Homie Program works to reduce gang involvement and gun violence through mentorship, community-based programs, and training. Additionally, we serve youth who are incarcerated, as well as those re-entering community.

What we do.
Break Bread

Washington State Gangs Anonymous is a gang drop out group. Where gang members can anonymously discuss steps/tools to drop out of gangs, through a duplicatable facilitation process.


We hope you find mentorship deeply rewarding, as it has been for us. Being a mentor means being a guide and leader who is both a homie and a resource in times of need. It’s about making a positive difference in someone’s life on an everyday level. We’ve seen the real differences mentorship makes over the course of many years, which is why we’re here. Mentorship and positive affirmation simply works. We hope you will share this success with us


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